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“Seated Figure” in Beyond Words issue 9

Excited to hold issue no. 9 of Beyond Words in my hand! Thank you to the editors of this international literary magazine for including my work in the December 2020 issue. It is always exciting to see how others interpret your artwork and when it is matched with the creative work of other artists like this it really adds another dimension to the work.

Working on metal

I have started experimenting on smaller panels of copper, aluminium and polystyrene. I really like the physicality of the preparatory work cutting the panels myself and preparing them for paint. To be able to control the whole process of my artwork, from start to finish – not just the painting – is very appealing to me. I get to decide everything, from the thickness of the panel, the shape, size and surface of the panels. This offers greater freedom when it comes to composition and planning my artwork.

Cutting copper panels.

Painting on metal and plastic is a new and exciting experience! I love the smooth and non-porous surface of the metal and polystyrene. It is very challenging but I enjoy the unpredictability!

Work in process (detail), acrylic paint on copper.

SICK Magazine: 2021 wall calendar

So proud to have my mixed media piece “The masks we wear (no.2)” published in the 2021 wall calendar from SICK Magazine!

SICK hanging wall calendar featuring 12 chronically ill & disabled artists including Panteha Abareshi, Aurora Berger, Sophie Buck, Sarah Courville, Jonathan Soren Davidson, Beyza Durmaş, Shannon Finnegan, Pam Jones, Priyanka K., Pierre Kneifel, Therese Livonne, and Olivia Spring.

Lets hope 2021 will be a better year than 2020! Support chronically ill and disabled LIVING artists and get your calendar hereTODAY!

Quick paintings after Oswaldo Guayasamín…

As an artstudent you do extensively research about art history, other artists and the many different isms… The research is suppose to help you, guide you, force you to question and in the process develop your own personal artistic voice. I have studied so many interesting historic and contemporary artist on the way. But I have favourites of course and the Ecuadorian master painter and sculptor Oswaldo Guayasamin (1919 – 1999) is one of my favourite artists. I find his work dark, raw and an honest reflection of the pain and misery of mankind.

I have made some quick painting studies using paintings by Guayasamin as reference. Experimenting with different kind of fluid paint on different kind of surfaces:

Jurored exhibition Romele Konsthall 2020

I am delighted to be participating in in the jurored exhibition at Romele Konsthall 29/8 – 6/9 2020. Here is an installation shot. If you would like to have a closer look at the individual paintings click here.

In the studio

Welcome to my blog “In the studio”. Here I will share studio shots, new artworks and thoughts on whatever I am working on at the moment. I will share news on upcoming exhibitions but also interesting event and exhibitions that I visit myself. Sharing the life of an art student and visual artist.

If you would like to see even more work and news from me – find and follow me on instagram:

Therese Livonne, artist, working in her art studio.