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The making of “ANXIETY”

The mixed media piece “ANXIETY” was created on my own handmade paper. It is a special feeling to create your art on a surface you have produced from scratch all by your own hands.

I am a beginner when it comes to paper making so there is a lot of trial and error. But I find the whole process extremely satisfying. First collecting all the paper that is just about to be thrown away, rip it into pieces and then the very physical act of creating the paper sheets, waiting for it to dry and lightly letting the hand glide over the surface touching the fibres and raw texture. It is beautiful!

For the artwork “ANXIETY” I didn’t use any sizing on the surface which meant it absorbed everything! Since I wanted to work with liquid paint for this piece I wasn’t sure about the result but proceeded anyway. I love to experiment and enjoy the unpredictability! As with most of my faces and portraits I use my own face as a starting point. I am not looking for a realistic self-portrait, it is just a source of inspiration and guidance.

It went well using the liquid paint on the surface, not completely as wanted or expected but still something I liked and could work with. I am very fascinated by hands and had an idea about incorporating hands into the composition. After a couple of sketches and having slept on it I decided to add the hands and incorporated them into the composition using charcoal.

I really like this piece. It is strong and expressive and I think it tells my story well. It is raw, emotional and honest. I hope you like it too…

Finished artwork “ANXIETY”: Contact me here for information if you would like to purchase this mixed media artwork.

“Anxiety”. Mixed media on my own handmade paper. 39 x 39 cm. Framed.

Portrait process: I am closing down

“I am closing down”. Mixed media on canvas.25 x 24 cm.

This is the I am closing down piece before I added paint and other mediums such as charcoal etc. I usually take photos of the work during the whole process and sometimes when I look at the photos afterwards I like this initial stage better than the finished, it is more raw and clean. It is a challenge to know when to stop with a piece of work. With some paintings I just know when I am done and with some it seems like I can go on with the details for ever. I guess it is all about what kind of expression I am after but it is also a constant battle with perfectionism…

A fun anecdote about the painting is that my husband is not particularly fond of this piece. He actually thinks it is scary! The reason is because the painting actually started as a quick sketch of my 8 year old daughter that then developed into a new face and “person”. But he still sees our daughter in the finished more serious and dark image. But I really like it. Knowing that my daughter is “in there” somewhere just makes it more special for me. This is one of my favourite of the six portraits I am doing right now.


A juried exhibition in Göteborg

This weekend I applied to a juried exhibition in Göteborg, Sweden, that will be held in the beginning of next year. It’s been a while since I exhibited. Health and studies has come between. So I am very excited but nervous. It is a constant battle to handle the self-doubt. But it would be really fun to exhibit at that particular Gallery, it looks very nice. I can’t wait until 14th December then I will know if I was accepted or not. Hold your thumbs!

Welcome to my place!

Welcome to my place! In this blog you will find posts about my work and artistic endeavours. I will share inspiration, sketchbook work and finished art. Right now I am a BA (hons) painting student so I spend a lot of time on that. Please feel free to write me a comment and share your thoughts on my work or anything related.


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